Poker – Interesting Facts and History

Poker is the most popular card game on our planet. It is preferred by both young people and wealthy businessmen. Of course, it is impossible to tell everything about poker within the because this is a whole universe that combines a lot of interesting information. With the help of poker, professional players make money for a comfortable life. However, for most people, this card game is an opportunity to have a great time and relax. Also, poker allows you to learn the basics of psychology, train endurance, and “pump” intelligence.

Fact #1 – Game Name

Let’s start with the origin of the game name. According to general beliefs, the first mentions of poker are found in the English dictionary of the 16th century. However, this word had nothing to do with a card game and meant nothing more than a “metal rod.” The transformation of the concept took place much later.

Fact #2 – Playing Cards

It is known that the legendary Christopher Columbus became the very first card player. Thanks to this man, poker cards got such a development. The picture was applied to wide leaves, which were used as cards. 

Fact #3 – Game “Invention”

To this day, there is an old discussion between French and German people. They cannot decide on the question of who invented poker and what country the first game was played in. According to the French, the famous game “la poque” became the prototype of poker in the form in which we know it. The Germans believe that the game “la poque,” as well as poker, is based on the old German game “pochen.”

Fact #4 – Great Politicians and Poker

There are a lot of famous people who are fond of poker. George W. Bush, Richard Nixon, Warren Harding – these are some of the big names to mention. Nixon had a passion for poker even before entering the post. While serving in the Navy, he managed to win 6 thousand US dollars. 

Fact #5 – Loyal Fans of the Game

It is estimated that a quarter of the population of the United States occasionally sits down at a poker table. Interestingly, 60% gamble just for fun; the remaining third gamble to make some money.

Fact #6 – Game Varieties

Today, there are approximately one hundred and thirty types of poker. Of course, they all have similar features, but sooner or later, someone will modify the rules of the poker game, creating a new gamble.

Fact #7 – Einstein and Poker

There are many rumors that the famous Einstein liked to play poker games in a circle of friends. We do not undertake to say that this has given serious attention to the history of the development of the card game. 

Fact #8 – Popularity

Of course, poker is inferior to football and car racing, but it surely takes third place. Even in the States, poker surpasses tennis and hockey in popularity.

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